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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds delays climbing & vaulting test

Well shoot!

Well, heck. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds has delayed the first public test its new climbing and vaulting system, which was due to start this week. I had even ordered new headphones especially for intense nights of parkour around Pochinki. Plunkbat's developers don't say when we'll get to flip out, only that the test servers aren't quite stable enough for long stretches of testing (and presumably they'll be in high demand too). This is a shame, as I've been so eager for more agility in this wonderful (and wonderfully daft) game. But hey, the devs did say the other day that Plunkbat is still on course to leave early access in late December. Fingers crossed this doesn't delay that.

"When the test servers are deployed, we will be running them for a long time and it's crucial that they operate in a stable environment," the Plunkgang tweeted today. "Therefore we feel that we have to delay the first test schedule for PC 1.0 to allow for a smooth testing of the new features and content," they continued.

Updates usually hit the test servers on Wednesdays so I suppose I should've known by now that something was up, but heck. How long is the delay? When will be get to start leaping around? They don't say.

"We are doing our best to resolve the issue quickly and we will announce the schedules once it's resolved," they conclude. "Thank you for your understanding."

Along with the new desert map, the climbing & vaulting system is one of the final big features due to be added before the game launches. Performance optimisations and stability fixes are promised too, mind.

Dang, I want this. Plunkbat's crouch-jumping trick can achieve similar results as vaulting, and I've gotten pretty good at it, but this feels a little too exploit-y to me when many players evidently don't even know it's possible. Official vaulting will level the playing field and I'll be happier scoring my acrobatic murders with good old-fashioned guile and face-shooting. And it looks way cool. Here's that old video again:

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