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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds sales pass 8 million


You like big numbers? Here's one for you: eight million. Big, I know! And yet it's a number insufficient for how many copies of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds [official site] has sold. Bluehole's fab multiplayer-only Battle Royale 'em up has now sold more than eight million copies, creator Brendan 'Playerunknown' Greene confirmed during Microsoft's Gamescom present-o-rama stream yesterday. Plunkbat passed that sales milestone during the second weekend of August, which means by now it surely has an even bigger number. It could even be eight million and two. That's not half-bad for a game which launched into early access less than five months ago.

Plunk was there to gab about the Xbox version of Plunkbat or something but the point is: big number.

Also over the weekend, during the developer-ish strand of Gamescom, the Plunkgang showed off some new terrain tech they've been working on. It makes the ground look like those Skyrim 'HD' texture mods where contrast and sharpness are amplified so much even mud looks it's strewn with boulders and deadly crevices.

Ah it's fine: I'm sure none of that will even be visible with the low graphics settings I need to play Plunkbat on.

Bluehole recently announced plans to reduce the frequency of their patches and updates, after one under-tested update caused lag problems which mostly ruined the game for a day.

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