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Praey For The Gods leaves early access, adds two final bosses aka colossi

Shadow Breath Of The Wild Colossus

Praey Of The Gods initially looks too similar to Shadow Of The Colossus for comfort. And then you think: why wouldn't someone make another game where you climb and bring low gigantic beasts? After almost three years in early access, Praey has reached v1.0, adding two new boss battles in the process.

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This update adds the final two boss fights, completing the Praey Of The Gods' story.

Version 1.0 also brings a bunch of quality of life updates. There are new difficulty modes, including an easier Story Mode that removes various survival systems and weapon degradation, and a Brutal difficulty mode designed for those "people that love pain", say its developers. It also adds boss and combat lock-on, changes to climbing and dodging, visual enhancements and a lot else. You can find more detail in some of the game's older Steam posts.

I made reference to survival mechanics and weapon degradation, so it's perhaps worth noting that there's plenty that's different about Praey Of The Gods and its most obvious inspiration. Mainly, that it has a second obvious inspiration.

"Praey For The Gods feels like an affectionate cover version of a cherished classic, with just enough tweaks to give it a flavour all its own," wrote Steve Hogarty in his early access review back in 2019. "Those tweaks can also trace their inspiration directly back to another, more recently revered adventure game, the latest in the Legend Of Zelda series, Breath Of The Wild. You have a Zelda-style glider, for parachuting down from high places, and a Zelda-style hookshot, for pulling yourself towards distant places. Swords and bows deteriorate as you use them, before eventually breaking entirely."

You also need to scavenge Praey's open world for clothing upgrades to improve your cold resistance, as well as solve some puzzles and fight some smaller enemies. Steve loved all of the above, and its success at blending two beloved games together is particularly impressive given Praey Of The Gods was mostly developed by a three-person team.

Praey Of The Gods 1.0 is out now, and there's a 15% discount to celebrate the launch. That makes it £21.24/$25.50/€25.50 from Steam.

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