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Praise The Builder: The Dark Mod Is Standalone

Sounds Garreat.

If you have the fear over the upcoming Thief, then I have a soothing salve to help alleviate the symptoms. The Dark Mod, a fairly well-known Doom 3 modification, has been freed from the sci-fi prison of Doom 3 ownership: the modders fulfilled the promise they made years ago and used the source code of the engine to turn their wonderful Thief restoration into a free download. Now all you need is a capable PC, an internet connection, and a cowl. That last one is non-negotiable.

It's been too long since I tried the Dark Mod, so I have it downloading right now. The video below made my fingers move without engaging my brain, and made me realise (again) how much I want to return to that world. Aside from the spot-on atmosphere (that throbbing music is perfect), and the neat tweaks to AI and lock-picking, I'm most excited about the in-built mission downloader. I'm so glad they've addressed that, because I'm now so used to just clicking things in the Steam Workshop that I've lost all patience for any other method. I'm swollen with download privilege.

Draw the curtains, fiddle with your gamma, and download it. If you have any recommendations of missions, let me know. I'll be picking this up over the weekend.

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