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Oddball interactive movie Press X to Not Die released

Fight a juggalo

Along with CD-Rs discarded in gutters and mod readme files, homemade movies offer some of my favourite weird looks into strangers' lives. So heck yeah I'm interested in Press X to Not Die [official site], a scrappy action-comedy interactive movie set in a town gone wild where you'll have to fight everyone from your girlfriend's flatmate to a juggalo. After a stretch in early access, Press X to Not Die launched in full on Friday. I had a few pals who made movies like this as suburban teenagers:

Watch on YouTube

If, after watching that, you still don't know whether this is something you might enjoy or not, you can download a demo from Steam.

It's a first-person live-action interactive movie, see, with decisions to make and occasional quick-time events to mash out. It does have a range of difficulty settings, so if you do just want to ride along with the 'mates mucking about' action-comedy and explore its story branches you can turn that way down.

Developers All Seeing Eye Games first launched Press X into early access back in October 2015. Since then, they've updated it with higher-quality video, subtitles in several languages, a video gallery of unlockable deaths, an extra scene, bug fixes, and bloopers, as well as Mac and Linux versions.

Press X to Not Die is out on Steam for £1.39/€2.09/$2.09, which includes a launch discount. If you're really into it, 79p will buy you the prototype made using toys as DLC.

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