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Pretty Up CS: GO's Guns In The Arms Deal Update

I have a jar of ball bearings on my desk. For each kill in CS: GO, I drop a ball into a hole in desk. The bearing rolls into a rat's cage. The rat squeaks in terror, and a noise-activated switch turns on a fan. The fan blows a toy boat across a bucket of water, and the boat's mast tips a small bucket of sand into another bucket. That bucket is on a string that's tied to a switch, and it gently tugs at it, releasing another ball bearing from a small cage on a shelf above me. That other ball bearing drops into another jar. If I want to know how many kills I have, I count the balls in the jar. How do you track your kills in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? You just use one of the StatTrak modules from the now live Arms Deal update? Show off.

Of all the things that Valve and Hidden Path have just dumped on the latest CS, the stat tracking modules are the most interesting. And that's only because they look so damned cool: the number of confirmed kills can be seen scratched into the blade of a knife, or displayed on an LED screen on a gun. Those modules can only be found through the newly added crate drop system, that I speculated on earlier in the week.

Those rumours have largely been corroborated: CS:GO can potentially drop one of two styles of crates during games, filled with skinned guns for the game. The effects are cosmetic. The E-Sports Crate will give a cut of the unlock money to a prize pool, while the standard crate's cash will go to Valve. Valve are augmenting that with a weapons drop system as well, so just playing will fill your inventory with new skin options for your personal armory.

The update also drops in two new weapons for everyone: the Silenced M4A1 and Silenced USP Pistol will be in your inventory right now. Enjoy!

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