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Pro Evo Soccer Getting Euro 2016 DLC Free

Off the bench

Upon release, you might've spotted the odd discrepancy within the team lineups of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 [official site]. Schweinsteiger still at Bayern and not Man United? RVP still at Old Trafford and not with Fenerbahçe? PES 2016 shipped with out of date team rosters, see, and troubles with follow-up 'Data Pack' updates kept players waiting longer still. To make amends, Konami have detailed future content plans including giving free UEFA Euro 2016 bits to everyone early next year.

Not only was PES outdated when it launched in September, but a Data Pack at the end of October was missing a load of transfers too. The follow-up Data Pack initially set for late November was pushed back as well, into December. When it arrives, it'll bring new things including faces, a stadium, new national, and rosters. Here's what football and alliances director Erik Bladinieres had to say about the mess-ups:

"It has been a difficult few months for the fans in how we have been delivering content in our recent Data Packs, with some items missing that our consumers expected. The PES Production team appreciate their fans' support and want to reward their support and bring back confidence in the Data Pack releases. With this announcement, we hope we can regain their trust. The next Data Pack is scheduled for early December, including the Maracana stadium, more faces, new national team kits, club teams and the player roster which was confirmed on October 19th. We strive to keep delivering quality content to our fans, for free."

What the UEFA Euro 2016 Data Pack will bring is yet unannounced, but it will be free.

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