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Props to Microsoft for letting you play Flight Simulator for £1

Low cost flights

The standard edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator costs £59, but like me trying to show my parents their house from a Airbus A320neo, we can go lower. A lot lower, as it turns out. Here’s how you can play (but not own) what’s looking to be the first game of the next, next, next-generation for as low as £1. And you get over 200 other games with it as well.

Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service has a monthly fee of £3.99. But I just checked and they’re offering it to me for £1 for the first month, which is ludicrous. For that, you’ll have access to the standard edition of FS2020 when it releases on August 18th. You can subscribe to the service and then cancel it immediately, giving you a month of access. You can even preload it right now, which would be a smart thing to do as the game spans the entire Earth and needs 150GB of space on your hard drive.

I’d suggest if you plan on doing this, go into Settings > Storage on Windows and change where the store downloads new apps. Mine was set to download to my Windows drive and not my gaming drive.

For £1, you’ll get all this.

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And you get a pile of games. Halo: The Master Chief Collection, insecty survival game Grounded, and Sea of Thieves are on there right now.

On August 6 it’ll add boxy vehicle builder Trailmakers, 2D action RPG It Lurks Below, roguelite UnderMine, and top-down shooter Xeno Crisis. They’re all probably smaller downloads than a single FS2020 plane.

Final Fantasy VII HD will be released on August 13. It’s not the remake, but it’s a giant, classic game nonetheless.

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