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PSA: Pathfinder can fly in Apex Legends using Crypto's drone

For the moment

I'm trying to figure out how best to convey the satisfaction of the video below. It's a bit like that "Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things" Tumblr, a soothing sort of energy I find enhanced by video. A sense of seamlessness, a compelling facade that the pairing of unrelated objects can somehow be correct. In this case, it's Pathfinder from Apex Legends grappling onto Crypto's flying drone to fly around. The kind of interaction that strikes me as largely useless in 99% of firefights, but that the developers are still 99% likely to patch out.

You should get in while the grappling's good, or at least come savour these ones with me.

I haven't had a chance to buddy up with a drone-equipped friend, but YouTuber "Mokeysniper" has me itching to.

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Oooh, that final landing. Let's have that again.

Like I say, this seems too fiddly to be of much use in a firefight, when a team's time could probably better be spent with Crypto either scouting with the drone or getting off the damn thing and actually shooting people. If Respawn leave this in, though, it's a matter of time before a more murderous version of the GIF above emerges. I'm biased, because I consider larking about with Pathfinder grapples to be a core part of Apelegs' appeal. But balance can get in the bin when there's a promise of more spectacles like this.

Here's some sheer delight, as a nice counterpoint to the finesse above. It was uploaded to Reddit by "Senboni", and features "NiceWigg" and "taxi2g".

You can fly using pathfinder and crypto!! (credit NiceWigg & taxi2g) from r/apexlegends

If you won't include more bird attacks, Respawn, you can at least let us fly.

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