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PUBG's next map is an active volcano coming later this month

Sounds like everyone's dropping hot

Last week we got a teaser for some new Plunkbat lore as narrated by excellent narration man Jonathan Frakes and yup, it sure was a clue for a new map. The battle royale 'em up's next map will arrive on October 21st for PC players (29th for console) along with the game's ninth season. We're all hot-dropping now because Paramo is home to an active volcano.

Paramo is still well in teaser territory, as PUBCorp's new videos are just some quick shots of players dropping in to the new map. There may be some clues to excavate in any case, eh?

They call Paramo's landscape "dynamic" which is right up there on my list of favourite game buzzwords. At a minimum, it looks like the map will have a pre-eruption and mid-eruption version. You can spot players dropping in during both, so whether it's "dynamic" in the sense that the map can be either or "dynamic" in the sense that it could change during the course of a match isn't super clear. In the same shots, PUBCorp show several different collections of buildings that could occupy the same space, from a small village to what looks more like a fort. In one way or another, Paramo's sure to be different between matches.

Interestingly, the teaser video also shows an airdrop carrier getting hit by volcano bits and dropping its cargo, presumably, before planned. Or, wait, are the players shooting it down? A carrier flies by in another one of their tweets about the upcoming map so it sure seems like that might be a key feature of the map one way or the other. Airdrops landing in unexpected places is likely another bit of what they're calling "dynamic".

That's all we've got for now, though firmer details on Paramo are likely forthcoming when season nine kicks off later this month.

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