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Jonathan Frakes dishes more PUBG lore that might point to a new map

It's home to the fountain of youth

Celebrity cameos in games sure can dip into cringe territory but there is nothing, absolutely nothing, cringe-y about Jonathan Frakes narrating another lore teaser for Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. Regale me with the sordid, unsolved curiosities of Plunkbat, Mr. Frakes. Looks like PUBG Corp's also planning a whole new website dedicated to lore for the battle royale. What mysteries might it hold?

In the newest Mysteries Unknown video (following after that one about the Vikendi dino park) Frakes asks "what if the good didn't have to die at all?" to which I say the good don't die. The good win chicken dinners.

Anyhow, apparently the good won't die young, or at all, thanks to the fountain of youth. The mystery leads to the plateau of Paramo in the Andes mountains, the site of a mysterious city where people never grew old. Plunkbat calls it the "dark history around a plateau in Peru with some perplexing properties." Well, what's a proper noun in PUBG if not a new map, eh?

Other folks are already speculating about the possibility of a new map and other potential secrets. It looks like PUBG Corp have sent packages to certain players with physical clues. Some are suggesting that the ending of the Mysteries Unknown video actually shows a top-down view of the new map. Others have latched onto the bit about the good never dying. Perhaps PUBG's next map and season will introduce a feature for reviving dead players.

No details are forthcoming just yet. It is a mystery unknown, after all. If you want to hear more, you can head to the new PUBG lore website and sign up for their mailing list. If it gets me some more Frakes in my inbox, who would I be to complain?

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