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Pure Farming 2018 trundles out in March 2018

Look at these pretty farms

Just as E3 rides a wave of big flashy announcements from American games full of headshots, Gamescom is drifting in atop news about German favourites like industrial simulators. Techland today announced that Pure Farming 2018 [official site], which they're publishing but not making, will launch on March 13th 2018. A new trailer shows that coo, this is looking pretty swish - a possible rival for Giants Software's ruling Farming Simulator rather that yet another scrappy little oddity created for the budget rack. Big-budget farming. Fancy farming for fancy farmers. Subsidised up the wazoo.

This here trailer is to show off the lands Pure Farming will visit: Colombia, Montana in the US of A, Italy, and Japan.

Cover image for YouTube video

Don't mind that German map at the end there: that's an extra being cut out for a pre-order bonus. Yeah, I know, right?

Pure Farming 2018 used to be Pure Farming 17 but ended up delayed enough to need a new name - this isn't a sequel or anything.

Unlike Farming Simulator, Pure Farming only offers singleplayer - as far as Technland have publicly announced, at least. For all I know, Gamescom will bring a surprise announcement of multiplayer. The collected European journalists will whoop, scream, and cheer even louder than American journalists witnessing the announcement of platform-exclusive content for a multiplatform FPS.

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