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Grow your own: Pure Farming 2018 planting mod tools

Tract 'em up

Internauts, place your bets: how long until someone adds a giant wheeled penis to Pure Farming 2018 as a tractor? Publishers Techland today announced the tract 'em up will have mod support when it launches in March, supporting "machines of all categories: tractors, harvesters, ploughs, trailers, pickups and trucks." So, you know.

Personally I'm crossing my fingers for vehicles shaped like the heads of farming ministers. I want to see Michael Gove sucking up potatoes through his pursed lips and blowing them out his ears. And in the game.

As a new trailer demonstrates, players will be able to make vehicles in 3D modelling software then import them into the game tools to set them up properly. Given that the video talks about "easily" downloading mods made by other people, I assume it'll support the Steam Workshop or have its own built-in mod hub thing; I've asked the PR folks about that, so hopefully we'll know soon.

Update: "Pure Farming will feature support for user created Mods at launch, through in-game tools," I'm told. "Techland Publishing is exploring making this feature available on Steam Workshop in the near future, and will make any announcement in due course."

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Pure Farming 2018 is looking like the fanciest farm 'em up this side of Farming Simulator. While cheap and cheerful third-person farmers fill the bargain carousel display, I have been hoping the market would grow to support more fancy ones, letting me leer at high-resolution fruit and veg and marvel at the physics-simulated particles churned over by ploughs. I mean, obviously my interests in the genre lean more towards the chill-out space of American Truck Simulator. That but with fields of corn, please.

Made by Ice Flames and published by Techland, Pure Farming 2018 is due out through Steam on March 13. It will cost £25/€30/$30.

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