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Rainbow Six Siege Invitational's Quarter-Finals are live

Breach, bang and clear.

It took a lot of tactical face-shooting to get here, but the virtual bloodbath that is the Six Invitational is in its final days. Down to just 8 teams, the final few matches will be playing out over the course of today and the weekend.

At the time of writing, Brazil's Faze Clan are in a very close-fought match against US-based Evil Geniuses. The high stakes match is being broadcast live via Ubisoft's official Twitch stream, and if the action unfolding tickles your fancy, there's a free weekend for Rainbow Six Siege running alongside the tournament.

All the semi-finalists have already won themselves a chunk of money from the impressive $500,000 tournament prize pot, with the first team looking to come away with a hefty $200,000, a respectable $80,000 for the second and third-place teams, and the 4th to 8th place teams get to walk away with a pleasant enough $20,000.

rainbow six siege

The final eight teams are Penta Sport, Ence, Black Dragons, Mindfreak, Faze Clan, Evil Geniuses, Rogue and Supremacy. As explained in further detail on the official tournament site, there's quite a few surprises there, with some upsets along the way resulting in a semi-final lineup that not too many could have expected.

As mentioned, there's a free weekend event running through to the end of the tournament, along with a small discount on the game if you find yourself appreciating its mix of tense fortification-building and frenzied, paranoid twitch combat.

Those who do buy the game have an interesting change of pace to look forward to, with the upcoming time-limited Outbreak event kicking off next week, pitting teams of three players up against hordes of AI-controlled mutant space-zombies debuting via the test servers on February 20th, and then running properly for a month starting March 6th.

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