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Random-O-Compo: Be An NPC In Krater

Rather appealing-looking post-apocalyptic action-yet-tactical RPG Krater launches next month, and while it's in its final mile (I've got some beta code here I really need to take a look at) there is yet time for IMPORTANT CHANGES. Important changes such as one Rock, Paper, Shotgun reader getting an in-game character named after them (or a name of their choice, Naughty Swears aside) and also having their name in the credits to boot.

Devs FatShark have a "tough bitter police woman" NPC who's in need of a name, so they came to us. While there was a good case for our argument she should be called Ian Apocalypse, the smarter decision seemed to be to open it up to our fine, upstanding readership. What tough, bitter policewoman? This tough, bitter police woman:

There could be anything under that mask. Anything. Your face, maybe. Or a giant evil squirrel. Or a portal to Hull. We'll leave that - or more specifically here name = up to the winner, basically. That person will also be listed in the game credits, and receive a copy of the game. 9 runners-up will also bag a copy of Krater (including access to the current beta. )

To enter, send an electronic mail to this address with the suggested name of your character (whether your own, a variation thereupon or something else) by 5pm UK Monday 14 May. We'll then pick a winner via magic/randomness. Usual rules apply. Also, this rule: be excellent to each other.

You can find out more about Krater here. And you can also watch a video of a recentish build of it in action right now, here, below, now, ok?

Cover image for YouTube video

Krater devs FatShark are also running a second, concurrent compo on their own site to 'win' the opportunity to name an in-game weapon. You can enter that right here.

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