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Razer resurrect their classic RGB mouse mat (along with some spoooky deals)


Razer have brought their original FireFly RGB mouse mat back from the dead today, making it brighter and thinner than ever before. Indeed, Razer say the FireFly V2 is now the brightest RGB mouse mat in their entire line-up of rainbow-trimmed surfaces, thanks in no small part to its 19 lighting zones. The £50 / $50 hard mat also has a built-in cable catch to help reduce mouse drag, plus an anti-slip rubber base to keep it in place.

But wait, what are these ghostly fingers rising up from my keyboard? Oh no, i-it's the deals herald, come to haunt this post with some Halloween Razer deals! Quick, let me hit publish before they take ov-

"Hello deals friends."

"Yes, it is I, your trusted deals herald! And I have come to tell you that there are some sweet Halloween discounts to be had on Razer bits over on Amazon US right now. OoooOooOoOoOoOOoooooo...

"First, we have $30 off the Razer Mamba Elite mouse, bringing this wired mouse down to $60. With a maximum DPI of 16,000 and nine programmable buttons, this revamped version of their popular Mamba mouse has more RGB lighting than you can shake a stick at. In fact, it has 20 individual lighting zones, making it the perfect companion for light-up rainbow lovers.

"Next, there's $20 off the Razer Ornata Chroma keyboard, which is down to just $80 instead of $100. This keyboard comes with Razer's mecha-mechanical switches as well as a plush wrist rest and another truck load of RGB lighting.

"We've also got $20 off Razer's Kraken headset, taking this normally $80 headset down to a much more palatable $60. Not to be confused with its lighter, cheaper Razer Kraken X sibling, this headset comes with 7.1 virtual surround sound support and gel-infused ear cushions to help keep your head cooler for longer.

"Finally, there are also some Razer deals for the streamers among you as well, including $20 off the Razer Seiren X USB microphone (now $80) and Razer Kiyo streaming webcam (also now $80), which comes with a built-in ring light.

"It is of course my duty to remind you that the dreaded deals holiday of Black Friday is just under a month away now, so you may want to hold fire right now to see if there are any better deals on these Razer bits come November 29th. Now, I shall relinquish my hold on Katharine and return to the deals grave from whence I came. OoOOooooOoOoooOooo..."

-ver. Phew!

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