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Ready Or Not looks quite a bit SWAT 4-y

Here I come

When a first-person is described as "tactical" these days, people typically mean that its guns aren't made-up zapguns and you can't double-jump. Upcoming tactical FPS Ready Or Not looks to harken back to ye olden days of the SWAT games and such, when "tactical" meant aping police tactics: carefully checking and clearing buildings, trying to take suspects alive using nonlethal tools, and never rushing blindly then relying on deathmatch skills to save you. Ready Or Not isn't due out until 2020 but it's looking to be in the same vein as Irrational's SWAT 4 in a new ten-minute explain-o-trailer vid. See for yourself below.

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Not bad, that. Cracking doors to toss flashbangs, yelling at men with ha-ha-hilarious tattoos so they surrender, ladders, handcuffs, ordering squad members around, sneaking and creeping, blasting locks out doors, cooperative multiplayer... I'm interested.

Having targets, traps, and such be placed in different spots around levels each time is a good call. A static lurker can only surprise once.

Developers Void Interactive expect to launch Ready Or Not in late 2020, some time from September onwards. They plan to run betas before then for folks who pre-order. For now, see the game's site for more info.

My main reservation is the name. The Fugees bagged Ready Or Not as the name for a globe-spanning Tom Clancy technothriller with submarines and helicopters and all that. You can't go calling a SWAT game Ready Or Not, it's just too small-scale.

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Though you could hardly go calling it Sabotage either. Skidding over car bonnets while shouting almost certainly is not in the SWAT manual.

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No YOU'RE trying to come up with reasons why watching music videos for hot 90s jams all afternoon was work-related and not slacking in the least.

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