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Red Alert 3: "Make-up makes foes ill-at-ease"

Just in case you were in danger of thinking Red Alert 3 in any way was taking itself seriously, in the comments of RPS' hardcore games critic analysis of the hardcore sex possibilities of the RA3 cast, RotBot wondered why Yuriko Omega wasn't in the trailer. It's probably lucky, as with Leigh's peccadilloes she'd probably have exploded over the possibilities of a Japanese psychic-schoolgirl fighting the previously-discussed armoured parachuting bears. Actually, now I look again, I'm not sure that's actually fighting.

Assorted you-tube scavenged videos and mocking of youtube commenters beneath the cut.

This is the actual released-by-EA video from their website...

And here's some Beta footage.

After Yuriko starts flipping engineers in to the sky, skip to around two minutes or so to see some anti-massonry action. Whoever made the video finds it so funny they did it approximately forty times.

And here's a final snippet of Beta Footage, if your Yuriko Omega desires aren't sated yet.

Though frankly, I suspect your Yuriko Omega desires will remain perpetually unsated, because she's a videogame character.

What do people make of the video, well, turning to our Red Alert correspondents picked randomly from the Youtube comments thread, opinion seems to be strongly mixed. "that has to be the most gayest unit EA have ever made..." says Yale professor of ethics Aurora2k, "please burn this game while u at it." However its enthusiasts are equally strongly spoken, such as renowned polymath TerroR878: "I rushed out Yuriko Omega and owned the nap with her I want to fk her so hard...".

It's hard to know what to think. RPS says: Armoured Parachuting Bears.

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