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Stock Car Extreme Devs Reiza Crowdfunding Updates

Vroom vroom

Lately whenever I post about broom-broom games, one commenter or another pops up to remark that I should post about goings-on with Reiza, the folks behind Stock Car Extreme [official site] and Formula Truck 2013 [official site]. My usual response to people making demands is to throw my drink in their face then shake them upside-down until sufficient coinage for a new bevvy falls out their pockets/guts/wherever it is money lives, but this primitive Internet prohibits polite retribution.

So fine, I'll say it: after years of free post-release updates for their racing sims, Reiza have launched a crowdfunding campaign to keep those rolling for another year and a half.

Reiza have taken to Indiegogo seeking $78,000 (£50k) to fund another year and a half of making free updates for their current games while they get working on their next one. They talk about better graphics and sound, a new UI, tire damage and other physics improvements, long-distance races, official multiplayer servers, loads of new types of car and places to drive them, and more.

They're using Indiegogo's flexible funding option, so they still get money if the full amount is not pledged, but will scale their plans accordingly. What do you get out of it? Well, more free updates for all players, and backer rewards such as copies of their games or that upcoming next game.

P.Funk, Prolar Bear, and luis.s, you each owe me both a drink and the pleasure of throwing another drink in your face.

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