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Renowned Explorers Emerging In September

Procedural exploration

"Cuddle mummies and seduce cultists in search of treasure," say the makers of Renowned Explorers: International Society [official site], a statement that both beguiles and mildly horrifies. Our Adam called it "an intriguing game of procedural exploration, with a few tricks concealed within its tactical trousers" when he had a play.

You'll be able to judge these statements for yourself soon enough. Whether this is true or not, of course, is something you can determine soon enough. Like, September 2nd 2015 soon.

If the art style seems oddly familiar, it's probably because this upcoming strategy game originates from the creators from Reus, a very interesting god game from not too long ago. Unlike their previous title, though, Renowned Explorers won't have you reliving creation myths. Instead, you'll be plundering temples, or very politely asking their inhabitants to hand over the treasure please.

Boasting "attitude-based gameplay," Renowned Explorers will have you investigating unknown territory, all the while avoiding the predations of wolves, smugglers, and furious natives. In between, you'll have the opportunity to rack up stamps on your passport and defy the wiles of your nemesis, the charmingly Rivaleux. (Rivaleux? Rival. Get it? Get -- I'l stop now. Don't hurt me.) The thing that distinguishes Renowned Explorers from its competition, of course, is that whole thing about wielding temperaments like blunt instruments. The cast of recruitable adventurers all feature a wealth of personality traits and expertise. Some will be great at punching things. Others will have the ability to insult people so hard that they'll run crying to their mothers instead of pursuing honorable combat.

Yes. Really. Stop looking at me like that.

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