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Resident Evil 2 invades Monster Hunter: World in today's update

Grindin' for brains

Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand. An unseasonable scare has descended upon Monster Hunter: World. Yes, this month's free Iceborne update adds a honking great new monster to slay, the beefy horned Rajang. But it also heralds the arrival of an undead plague upon the land. The Raccoon City Collaboration has commenced, bringing Resident Evil 2's hordes and heroes to the deadly safari until March 6th.

Of course, the star of today's update is the big lad himself. Ol' Gorilla-Goat himself, the demonic simian, spokesperson for upper-body strength, the Rajang.

Pegged as a brutally aggressive brawler, the Rajang won't hesitate to go the whole three rounds with fists the size of a small truck. It also looks like he'll have no problem picking you up and tossing you about. If you do kill him, there's a stylish pair of baggy pants to be crafted from his fur.

However, I'm more interested in what Capcom are doing with the rest of today's update. Particularly, the bit with the dancing zombies. Here, let this trailer explain.

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The Racoon City Collaboration brings the zombified masses to Monster Hunter's killing fields. The first of two event quests has you fighting beasties, with the twist that "effluvium-tainted" attacks will forgo their usual effects. Instead, taking this kind of damage will turn you into a ramblin' shamblin' zombie.

Naturally, you're not as mobile in a zombified state. You'll also be locked out of regular healing effects, what with your skin sloughing off your bones and all. On the plus side, you'll regain health automatically. Undeath ain't so bad now, is it?

A second event quest has you collecting S.T.A.R.S badges to unlock outfits for Claire and Leon. Ever wanted to shoot a dinosaur as a cop? Weird, but here's your chance. RCC also adds 3 new themed pendants, several new room decorations, and a couple of gestures to zomb yourself at a moment's notice.

There's a laundry list of balance passes, bug fixes and smaller additions in today's update too. You can catch the full lineup over on the official patch notes for version 11.50.

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