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Resident Evil 7 shows off DLC scares


While Resident Evil 7 [official site] DLC has started creeping onto PlayStations, sadly we need to wait for a few weeks because of some lousy exclusivity deal ('sadly' because RE7 is great, yeah?). But as we've not mentioned the DLC before and it's out in the wild, rustling through the trees and rattling doorknobs, now seems a good time to have a gander at what's coming. So! Two paid DLC packs will add a mish-mash of new modes and ministories, followed by a paid new story episode, then finally a new little storyline will arrive free in the spring.

The first two bits of RE7 DLC are 'Banned Footage' packs, each containing two new little scenarios and a new mode. Here, have a gander in this new trailer:

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Banned Footage Vol. 1 will hit PC on February 21st. Capcom explain:

"This Vol. 1 pack includes 'Nightmare,' where Sewer Gators cameraman Clancy must craft weapons and ammo to face off against hordes of enemies to survive until morning. Also included is 'Bedroom' where Clancy must figure out how to get out of a locked bedroom in the Baker family's plantation and make his escape but beware – Marguerite Baker won't be happy if she knows he's up and out of bed! Along with both of these scenarios is an infinitely replayable extra game mode called 'Ethan Must Die', which is an extra tough mode that is separate from the events of RE7."

I like to imagine that Bedroom scenario involves a lot of quickly scampering back to bed and pretending to be really interested in the magazine you're reading, with conversation trees to say things like "Oh! I didn't hear you coming in!" and "Oh boy I'm so tired I could sleep for hours!" It won't, obviously. But if people playing on PlayStation want to assure me that it definitely involves that, I'd be grateful.

Also coming on February 21st is Banned Footage Vol. 2 (on PlayStation, it'll follow a fortnight after the first but not for us). Capcom say:

"In this Vol. 2 pack, the 'banned footage' scenarios include '21' and 'Daughters.' Players will need to gamble with their own life in a deadly game of '21' with Lucas Baker and then dive deeper into the Baker family’s life before the tragic events of Resident Evil 7 biohazard in 'Daughters.' An extra gameplay mode titled 'Jack's 55th Birthday' provides a race against the clock as players serve up the Daddy of the family, Jack Baker, with tons of treats for his special celebration."

And please, please let 21 be a really straightforward and earnest Blackjack minigame, which simply happens to be played at a table covered in festering meat. Perhaps you gamble with your own fingers.

After those will come the "additional story episode", which is a mystery for now.

Then, come spring, Capcom will release the 'Not a Hero' free newbit, which they say is "a new separate storyline away from Ethan's saga in the main game."

That's it. That's your DLC. That's the lot. The Banned Footage packs will cost $9.99 apiece and I can't tell you how much the story episode will cost. The DLC season pass, including the lot, is £24.99/29,99€/$29.99 on Steam.

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