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Resident Evil Village DLC brings a story expansion and third-person mode in October

Plus new content for Mercenaries and confirmation that RE:Verse exists!

The first piece of DLC for Resident Evil Village will release on October 28th, Capcom has announced. Revealed as part of their not E3 livestream, the Winter's Expansion will include three seperate additions to entice fans back into its world of tall vampire ladies and weird dog men.

The first is Shadow Of Rose, a story expansion set after the events of the base game that focuses on Rose, the daughter of Village protagonist Ethan Winters. In an attempt to understand the origin of her mysterious "powers", Rose will enter the consciousness of the twisted mould that was the source of all the bother in both Biohazard and Village. Players will guide Rose through a number of spooky locales, including what appears to be Castle Dimetrescu from the game's main campaign.

Most intriguingly, however, was the reveal that this DLC will be played from a more traditional third-person perspective instead of from Village's first-person viewpoint. Winter's Expansion will also allow you to experience Village's original storyline in third-person. Does this mean we'll finally get to see Ethan's face? The trailer implies he may coyly turn away from the camera if you try to take a peek at him, which is quite funny. Honestly, Capcom's commitment to never showing Ethan's mug is perhaps the most endearing thing about the character. That and his inability to look after his own hands.

Finally, the DLC pack will also include new content for Village's Mercenaries mode. Dubbed Additional Orders, the expansion will allow players to fight as Chris Redfield as well as internet thirst magnets Karl Heisenberg and Lady Dimetrescu.

Winters Expansion will be availble for purchase either on its own or bundled alongside the original game as part of the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition.

Oh, and remember RE:Verse? It was also revealed that Capcom's ropey-looking multiplayer shooter that was delayed indefenitely before the release of Village last year will finally release on the same day as the upcoming DLC. Perhaps intentionally, Capcom appended this news onto the end of their presentation about Village with no real fanfare or fresh footage to speak of. Make of that as you will, I suppose. Personally, I'm surprised they haven't binned it, but hey ho.

I'm extremely happy to see fresh content making its way to Village. It was one of our favourite games of 2021 and for good reason. It's a thrill-a-minute horror game that paired snappy shooting with moments of genuine terror. I can't wait to spend more time with it when the Winter's Expansion launches this October.

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