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High-Def Leech Monsters: Resident Evil 0 Trailer


When Capcom announced a remastered version of 2002 survival horror prequel Resident Evil 0 [official site] in May, they didn't have much to show or even say about what'd be different. It'd obviously look prettier, right, but what else?

Now a new trailer and trickle of details reveal more of how it's prettied-up. Capcom say the new version (which is also the game's PC debut) will bring a 16:9 widescreen option, 1080p support, 5.1 surround sound, an option for non-tanky controls, and high-resolution textures created from scratch in the style of the original. Fancy that!

The trailer is a curious thing. I thought it looked awful at first, barely better than the original Game Cube release, but I think that's mostly an artistic decision to keep characters' faces undetailed and silky smooth. Once snippets from the intro cutscene end and it gets into gameplay, those new high-res textures look pretty fancy all right. Sure, it's not cutting-edge artwork, but it's nice and moody and that's about what I'd expect from an opulent train filled with zombies and leeches.

Capcom say they plan to launch the revamped Resident Evil 0 some time in "early 2016" but haven't announced a price. I imagine it'll be £15-ish like the revamped version of Resident Evil 4.

Capcom have a selection of screenshots on their blog too.

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