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Residential Evil: I'm Not Alone

Acutely aware that StarCraft II is coming up rather a lot lately and we should thus be careful to not neglect other games, I figured I'd have a quick search for what other PC titles are out at retail this week. (Or, which other PC titles are mad enough to come out this week - commercial suicide, I suspect). Not a lot, as expected. Commander: Conquest Of The Americas we've already told you about, a budget version of GRAW 2 ain't ultra-news, and ItzaBitza is only suitable for children or people who still need to learn how to read.

Then there's I'm Not Alone.

It's a horror game. It's an action game. It's a puzzle game (I think). It's... well, it's about as polar opposite to a Blizzard title as you could get.

It's a German an Italian game about an exorcist visiting a friend's house, and encountering suitably exorcisty stuff.

Here's a trailer from 2008. I will leave you to discover the acting for yourself:

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Two years on, here's what it looks like in action. "The horror shocker of the year," apparently. Well, I saw Kieron in his pants the other day. I don't think you can get much more shocking horror than that.

This article contained embedded media which can no longer be displayed.

But what's it like? I'll hand you over to a man on the YouTube comments thread, responding to a query as to why I'm Not Alone is being sold rather cheaply even before it's been released:

"Because the game sucks. I bought the game. You can enter the demons world by activate it. You will have this sword that can leech health. Graphics are not so great. Stopped playing after 30 minutes of playing it. If I'm all wrong, then this is your game. Go and have it."

Yes, go and have it. Perhaps he is wrong, though. Perhaps he's just got some strange grudge against the game. Perhaps, in his critical opinion... he is alone.

Enough frowning at videos: here's how the game is officially described.

Get ready for the spine-chiller of the year! Playing an intrepid exorcist in this thrilling action adventure, you are summoned to an old mansion haunted by a supernatural force.

Once on the site, sheer horror awaits you: Terrible demons have risen from hell and are spreading fear and terror! Now it is up to you to put an end to their sinister doings. With a quick trigger fi nger and a keen power of deduction, you make your way through the mansion and eventually discover a horrifying secret… Are you prepared to save mankind?

Then there's the list of features, courtesy of its Amazon page. There is a reason that I love this list. Can you spot what it is?

Cinematically told story guaranteed to creep you out
Dozens of types of enemies and weapons make for variety
Dynamic light, shadow, and camera effects
Realistic and highly detailed graphics, thanks

There is not a day goes by that I don't thank someone for their realistic and highly detailed graphics.

Further digging has revealed that I'm Not Alone was actually released back in March, on Steam at least. Presumably this Friday's release is its first appearance in a retail box. Excellent news either way, for it does mean you can play this game right away. You may or may not be alone in it. The Steam page rather disappointingly explains the Thanks mystery, too. I'm going to pretend I didn't see it. I'm happier that way, thanks.

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