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Revita is yet another action roguelike - but it sure looks cool

Will I ever tire of action roguelikes?

At least once a month there's a new action roguelike that makes me go, "Ooh!". I end up playing some of these games, and I usually enjoy them too, but my appetite is never sated. Give me quick movement, give me air dashes, give me a power curve. If the trailer below is any indication, give me Revita.

Cover image for YouTube videoRevita - Reveal Trailer

Revita is a twin-stick action roguelike in which you ascend a clocktower "in pursuit of lost memories". What this really means is that you blast away at various odd-looking enemies, re-emerge at the bottom of the tower after each death, and unlock new abilities via shrines and strange characters you meet along the way.

The feature list sounds like a fairly typical mix for the genre, including procedurally generated levels. What stood out to me was mention of the protagonist being a "fast-paced glass cannon" able to "trade life for power". Given how many of these games I play, I'll be curious how Revita differentiates itself.

Revita is being published by Dear Villagers, who also published the similarly actiony-roguelikey ScourgeBringer last year, and developed by BenStar. BenStar is mostly just one person, pixel artist and programmer Benjamin Kiefer.

The game is coming to Steam Early Access later this year and you can wishlist it now. It also gets relatively regular development updates through the Steam newsfeed, where you'll also find details of a Discord server through which alpha testing keys are sometimes distributed.

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