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Rhythm game Sayonara Wild Hearts is, without warning, out now

A pop album videogame

If you're anything like me, you've been planning on playing Sayonara Wild Hearts since it launched on Nintendo Switch and Apple Arcade earlier this year. Now you can feel slightly worse about continuing to not find time for it, as developers Simogo and publishers Annapurna Interactive have just released the game on PC via Steam. This comes just over a week after it was named Apple Arcade Game Of The Year, and it's also a part of The Game Awards' Steam sale. Come watch a trailer to see what the fuss is about.

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Ah, that does look and sound amazing, doesn't it?

Billed as a "pop album video game," in Sayonara Wild Hearts you ride motorcycles, have sword fights and shoot lasers on race tracks which synchronise with and are inseperable from the game's pop soundtrack. It got rave reviews when it was released back in September - our Katharine loves it - and around that same time an ESRB rating suggested the game was bound to come to PC and other platforms as well. There was no announcement prior to its release today, however, making its launch something of a surprise.

Most of Simogo's work so far has been iOS only, including Device 6 - an aesthetically perfect mystery puzzler which, while a very different kind of game, bears many of the same marks of having been made by people who know precisely what they're doing with art and music. They released Year Walk on PC back in 2014, which Adam liked a great deal in his review.

Sayonara Wild Hearts is available now on Steam for a normal price of £10.29, reduced at the time of writing with a 20% discount to £8.23/$10.39/€8.63.

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