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Rise Of Industry now tycooning our terrible future in 2130 expansion

The tycoon game rises again

Following the 'huzzah industrialism!' tycoonery of Rise Of Industry, developers Dapper Penguin Studios are now showing the less-than-cheery long-term consequences of that in its first expansion pack. Rise Of Industry: 2130 ventures into a future where civilisation has partially collapsed in a big dirty cloud. But... perhaps industry can rise again, scavenging city ruins for resources and maybe, just maybe, being a little more environmentally-conscious as we rebuild. Perhaps we'll yet avoid a Rise Of Industry: 2330 where industrious ghouls must optimise corpse extraction.

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Rise Of Industry: 2130 will have us once again build and expand an industrial empire, though with more 'picking through ruins for materials', floating algae farms, and nuclear power cells. Pollution will again be a consideration to manage, and I'd hope it's a problem to take more seriously when the world's engulfed in smog. This still an industry tycoon game, mind, and we still are mass-producing consumer goods for profit. Oh god. We're going to do it all over again, aren't we. Oh god.

Our Nate found the original game's approach to industrialisation a little too chipper, saying in his Rise Of Industry review that "in the present day, with an increasing number of people feeling angry and horrified at the world being held to ransom by the ambition of tycoons, it seems an odd thing to celebrate with so little nuance." Now look at the mess you made, Nate. You and your factories. You did this. You protested, but this is on you, pal.

Rise Of Industry: 2130 is out today on Steam and GOG for £7/€10/$10.

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