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Rogue-lite adventure Unexplored 2 has launched in early access

More Moebius inspiration, perhaps?

The sequel to rather good rogue-like Unexplored is exiting the development dungeon and heading out into the world of early access today. Action RPG Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy continues with Unexplored's excellent generated worlds but with a new legacy system and a very, very pretty look. It's just launched in early access with plans for new quests and other content. I admit that small fellas holding up torches in front of giant doors is one of my favorite game genres so Unexplored 2 is really calling my number here.

Back in 2017, Adam Smith (RPS in peace) recommended the original in his Unexplored review, saying that it "generates some of the best dungeons I've ever seen". The sequel is doing more of that generative goodness taking it all outside the dungeon and into the wider world. It comes with a roguelikelike twist as well. After one character dies, you can choose to carry on in the same world, a few years later, with a new adventurer.

That's the legacy part of Unexplored 2. Enemies you've killed and choices you've made will impact the world in ways that your next adventurer will be affected by. "Use your legacy wisely to give your successive adventurers greater hopes of completing their quest," Ludomotion say.

The goal for every adventurer is hacking and slashing their way to destroying the Staff of Yendor, traveling between different map nodes to get there. However, Ludomotion explain, failing at the big end of that goal will permanently end the world you're in. That'll be time to start a new legacy.

As for the state of the early access version, it sounds like Unexplored 2 is taking a similar strategy to other early access rogue-like/lites. "The game is playable from start to finish, but you should expect more content to be added at a regular pace," they say. "New items, new enemies, new side quests, new variations on the main quests and even new game modes will arrive in themed packages."

Does this count as yet another Moebius-inspired game? It sure is lovely to look at.

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy has just launched in early access today over on the Epic Games Store. It's currently 10% off it's usual price of £20/$25 until June 17.

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