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Robocraft Royale rolls, flies, and clucks into early access

Battle royale with weird bots

In new battle royaler Robocraft Royale, players are scavening for whole new vehicles: tanks, planes, mechs, cars, and hovercraft, through stranger creatures like mechanical chickens, sharks, and dinosaurs, and even the odd massive Mario on his kart - bristling with different weapons and abilities. That's what happens when the foundation for 100-player rumbling is the silly bot-building battler Robocraft rather than a serious shooter. Today, after a stretch in public testing, Robocraft Royale has entered paid early access, aiming to launch properly in a few months.

Update: A reader tells me the kart-riding Mario was replaced with Abraham Lincoln for copyright reasons, which... yep, that's one heck of a substitution alright. Video games.

As battle royale modes tend to, Robocraft Royale rounds open by scattering 100 players across a big ol' map. Everyone starts in a little buggy which sucks, racing off to find new vehicles. These are copied over from player creations in Robocraft, which range from sleek futuristic hovertanks to some very silly bots indeed. The developers, Freejam are picking bots rather than copying everything, mind, so I don't believe you should encounter anything too explicit. Anyway! As in Robocraft, vehicles can be destroyed brick-by-brick, leaving them crippled - but you can always eject and find a new bot. And then you shoot people until only one person is left, cos battle royale yeah?

Freejam say they plan for Robocraft Royale to be in early access for around three months. They intend to use that time to add battle royale standards such as teams, crate drops, more maps, more pick-ups, and a spectator mode.

Robocraft Royale early access costs £11/€15/$15 on Steam.

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