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Robots In De Skies: Strike Suit Zero

It seems I'm going to have to live until 2299 to get to be a Transformer. Right now I'm limited to shouting "KEE KOO KAA KER CHAAA!" and waving my arms around, and while it looks bloody amazing, it's not quite the same. That's when Strike Suit Zero says we'll have colonised space, but also gone and made the silly mistake of having a war. And now it's up to me, apparently, to save Earth. Again?!

You play as a robot man thing that can turn into a spaceship. That is a good thing. The design is by Junji Okubo, who if you've heard of before you'll care to know is involved, and if you haven't, you won't. And you can read a short preview of the game from Paul Dean here.

But there's been a bit of a shuffle going on behind the scenes. It was originally being developed by doublesix, but duties are now in the hands of indie studio Born Ready Games, with much of the original team still involved. This all came about after what looks like a break from their publisher, Catalis SE. The original Summer release date has now ambiguously slipped into Autumn, with nothing more specific. But as the trailer below shows, it's looking rather pretty.

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