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RPS Warhammer Guilds Update

About time for a general update on all things Guild Based and has generally been pillaging for over a week now. It's still on the ever-busy Karak Hirn. There's been a server cloning thing, which means that we could move the Guild, but general feeling is to stay at Karak - and discussed on the new Warhammer Guild Forums. Equally, Poisoned Sponge has actually got into gear and sorted out the Order side of this endeavour, which rather than actually being at Karak Eight Peaks is off at Tor Arnoc instead. Details on the actual forum and the latest details on how to join the guilds beneath the cut.

Firstly, Rock Paper Sigmar. As I said, this is the Order Guid on Tor Arnoc. If you want to join, create a character and message one of its officers - namely, Gorthan, Brianna, Etoaktagamat, Gofiton or Piquet.

Secondly, Rock Paper Snotling. This is the larger guild, based around Destruction and based on Karak Hirn. If you want to join, message one of the following gentlefolk: Loaf, Misada, Pop, Ugegob, Xanthor, Jeevaargh, Yarisse or Hansibo.

Obviously, be polite, as they may be in the middle or something or another. Or may just not notice.

Finally, the forum, for organising whatever Guild based activities you wish is here. The Destruction chat is well under way, but Order is a bit quiet. Because it's only just formed, of course (And the forum is still listing the official server as Karak Eight Peaks. DUE TO INTERNAL CONFUSIONS).

Anyway - that's the state of Play in all things WAR. Is everyone still enjoying it?

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