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Rocket League's Tournaments hit beta soon, cross-platform parties due later this year

Tournaments beta in February

The makers of Rocket League have laid out their update plans for the next few months and beyond, with the first big addition being a beta test of the new tournaments feature starting some time this month. The 'bad' news is that we need to wait longer for cross-platform multiplayer parties, which will let us team up with consoleers, but that's like griping about waiting for Christmas chocolate coins while the shops are full of Easter eggs. Did you know Reese's do chocolate eggs filled with peanut butter? I only just discovered this myself, and good lord! Right, anyway, carball.

Psyonix's spring plans kick off with the February Update, which will end the old season of competitive play and start a new one. February will also bring a public beta of Tournaments, which will let people organise and run bracketed single-elimination tournaments entirely inside the game. That's way easier and more inviting than relying on external tournament websites run by other people.

Psyonix plan to properly launch Tournaments in the big Spring Feature Update, which will come in March or April. That'll also include options to manage the game's bandwidth use, better ways to sort and search through your collection of car decorations, and more.

Beyond that, plans get hazy. Psyonix plan to lay out the roadmap for summer once the Tournaments update is live, but items on the agenda already include new arenas, overhauling progression to "make XP relevant again" and reward players with loot crate keys, and yes, cross-platform multiplayer parties.

Rocket League is hardly short of players--at its lowest ebb today, it had 22 thousand PC players at the same time--but it will be grand to play with pals who prefer consoles. Well, it might get a little tricky, as it depends on consoles playing nicely, and some are dragging their heels. PC, Xbox One, and Switch players are already shuffled into the same matchmaking queues, I believe, but the PlayStation 4 doesn't play nicely with other consoles and only mixes with the PC pool. That might change or it might remain a weird hurdle. We shall see!

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