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Rocket League modders are making prop hunt, pool, and more weird and wonderful things

The sky is not the limit

Football is so 12th Century. Thank God for Rocket League, which took football and transformed it into flying rocket car daftness. The onward march of human progress didn't stop there, however. Modders have since transformed Rocket League into flight combat sims, obstacle courses, and Quidditch.

It's all impressive, but I'm most enamoured with the work of pro player "Lethamyr", who moonlights as a modder turning Rocket League into pinball, pool, beer pong and prop hunt.

Here's YouTuber "SunlessKhan" getting a tour of nine mod maps from the man himself. I've skipped halfway through so you jump straight into the pinball, though the whole vid is worth a watch (despite Khan being far too keen on the word insane).

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The concepts for each map are lovely, but my favourite parts are the jury-rigged controls. To make pool work you have to fly over to a separate table and drive into a cue ball occupying the position you want the real cue ball to appear in. People making games do things they’re not supposed to will always be wild. Especially Lethamyr’s pièce de résistance, his prop hunt castle.

One player disguises themself by driving into a prop of their choice, then tucks themself into a corner of a castle that looks more like a Quake map than a Rocket League one. It’s just like the Garry’s Mod version, except with chase sequences. It looks utterly delightful. Here's Lethamyr’s guide on how to get custom maps working.

There's plenty more where that came from. Here's SunlessKhan checking out a mod that elevates rocket cars into fighter jets, available here.

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Khan's also done some tamer but still neat experiments, like adding curveballs and a Fifa-style camera. I like how he just needs to reach out to modders with ideas and they're immediately all over it.

Moving on, here's an obstacle course, shown off by French YouTuber "Tequilaz" because I found all the English-speaking YouTubers too grating. This is the mod that most makes me want a go, though getting it working seems a hassle.

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Let's round things of with some Quidditch, courtesy of modder "glhglh". At the moment it's just a map with hoops, though there are plans to give the cars spells and different roles.

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I've just scratched the surface. The Steam Workshop has Hide & Seek, a Portal map, and skate parks. What a time to be a car.

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