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Rocket League launching official pull-back toy cars

Build your own tabletop stadium

Now, normally I've no interest in 'merch' but hannng on! Twelve sports cars from Rocket League [official site] are being merchified as wee pull-back-and-go toy cars, which look perfect for a game of tabletop Rocket League. Get creative with a few cardboard boxes and bing bong bangily boogily, you've got yourself a great game for all the family. Add some big lumps of metal to the front and use a wallnut for a ball and you've got yourself some snazzy Rocket League nutcrackers too. Build the cars into a Rube Goldberg machine and baby, you've got breakfast.

Developers Psyonix announced a couple days back that they've teamed up with Original Mini's (who is Mini and what makes her so original?) to make a dozen Pull-Back Racers. They'll launch in the spring, coming in blind packs so you'll need to buy loads or swap to get 'em all. Some will come up codes to redeem unique cosmetic doodads within Rocket League too.

I mostly see merch as tat taking up space better used for growing plants but I do dig the idea of homemade tabletop Rocket League. How does it work? Subbuteo is more like yawneo, not daring enough for Rocket League. Real-time would be too much of a shovefest as you all crowded around the cardboard stadium making car noises with your mouths. Simultaneous turn-based might be a lark, loads of cars pinging around and launching up the curved banks. There's pleasing finesse in how far you pull back the car to charge it, obvs. Could do this today with a handful of cars bought at a charity shop for 50p apiece, mind.

Anyway! Psyonix share these moving pictures of a car going zoom:

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