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Goalpost-Apocalyptic: Rocket League's Chaos Run Out

My world is fire and blood and orange slices at half-time

Rocket League [official site] doesn't even start its Christmas Event until December 14th, but developers Psyonix are already showering us with presents. Today brings those Portal-themed cosmetic goodies along with a new post-apocalyptic thundering dome to play carball in. On top of that, today also sees the release of the Chaos Run paid DLC, which has two new cars looking straight out of Mad Max and plenty of rusty, dusty, mohawky cosmetic doodads to slap on your sportsride. All of this is wrapped up neatly with a bow in Patch 1.10.

The Portal cosmetic bits are about what you'd expect, with antenna toppers like a wee Companion Cube and a cake for a carhat, but I do like the idea of having Portal 2's gels as rocket trailers. No, they don't affect cars, and no you can't fling balls through portals. It's nice that Rocket League is mostly sensible carfootball, but I do quietly hope Psyonix might add some truly ridiculous mode for April Fool's Day.

As for the world of fire and blood, the new arena Wasteland is free to everyone to play in. If you want the accompanying new cars, decals, paint types, wheels, rocket trails, toppers, and antenna accessories, the 'Chaos Run' DLC pack will cost you £2.79/$3.99 when it arrives on Steam. Which should be any second now? I don't know why it isn't yet. It probably is by the time you read this.

Check the patch notes for the full rundown on version 1.10. And hey, here's a trailer showing off the post-apocalyptbits:

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