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Rocket League's proper cross-platform parties delayed to 2019

But here are some spooks

Nothing strikes a chill through my heart like delays to long-anticipated cross-platform play systems. Sadly, that fate has befallen Rocket League - a roadmap update has revealed that the "RocketID" system won't arrive until early 2019. You can actually already play with friends who are using smaller, lesser boxes, but only in private matches. Which defeats the whole point, really.

There is some good news: the Halloween event is up and running, in case you want to dress your car up like spiderman wearing a haunted house as a hat.

For tech reasons I won't pretend to understand, creating a system that lets players on different platforms group up with each other has turned out to be more difficult than Psyonix expected. RocketID was originally slated for the summer, but this is the latest in a series of apologetic delays.

"We’re working incredibly hard to ensure that it’s as intuitive, stable, and polished as possible," say Psyonix in this update post. "We know the wait has been frustrating for many of you who are eager for this feature, and we thank you for your patience as we continue to work on cross-platform party support."

That post also confirms that Frosty Fest will return in December, which I can't really get enthused about because the event works in exactly the same way as the current Halloween one.

Playing matches during the Haunted Hallows event makes the devs chuck virtual candy corn at you, which can then be redeemed for creepy cosmetics. There's also a trailer, featuring the noise that trick or treating rocket cars make when they're nervous and a screaming pumpkin tire. Would you like to be screamed at by a pumpkin tire? Sure you would.

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The event wraps up on November 5th, presumably when Guy Fawkes appears and blows up the pitch.

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