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Martian survive 'em up Rokh hitting early access in May

I wanna Rokh! (Rokh!)

Martian crafty survival sandbox Rokh [official site] is coming to early access (of course) on May 16th. Sure, you've crafted and built in survival sandboxes before. Okay, you've done it in space too. And sure, you have even done it on Mars. But have you crafted and built in a Martian survival sandbox whose look is overseen by Viktor Antonov, the artist behind the wonderful looks of Half-Life 2 and Dishonored? Ah! Well, you'll want Rokh for that. Watching a new trailer I don't get a feel for the intricacies that can make two similar-seeming games be quite different, but I do like its Mars.

Cover image for YouTube video

I especially like the deep landscape shots with pipes, satellite dishes, and other sci-fi cruft dotted about. Good smashbits. Rokh's story says that we're fleeing a dying Earth, only to find the earlier Martian colonies are mysteriously ruined so we have to start over (and maybe poke into what happened here).

Beyond that, sure, hit minerals with a pickaxe, lay down blocks (or tiles, here) to make buildings, watch your many needs gauges, and... that's a crafty survival sandbox game all right. One with vehicles and dust storms and meteorite showers and nice sci-fi smashbits, mind.

It'll have multiplayer and singleplayer, as is the way.

Rokh is coming to Steam Early Access on May 16th. Nvizzio Creations and Darewise Entertainment say they expect to launch Rokh in full within a year. They haven't confirmed a price yet, but do say they're aiming for less than $30.

Antonov isn't the only one making this, of course. Thief and Looking Glass alumnus Randy Smith is on it too, along with other folks from fancy that there fancy AAA development you get nowadays.

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