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Rome II Daughters Of Mars DLC Adds Warrior Women

Just casually enjoying the word "Gladiatrix"

While some battle tactics are outstripped by technology, it's actually gotten quite a lot easier to perform the above strategy thanks to the removal of platemail in modern times. Still equally as effective at causing extreme pain and temporary, floor-based groan-paralysis too. It's part of the latest Total War: Rome II DLC 'Daughters of Mars', which adds a number of women-only formations to The Creative Assembly's grand strategy. They've also released a free update providing some female units to a couple of factions and updating the roster of the Suebi.

Here's what's being made available for free and which factions they're allied with:

  • Amazonian Riders (Royal Scythia, mercenaries)
  • Hex-Bearers (Suebi)
  • Horse Runners (Suebi)
  • Riders of the Hunt (Suebi)
  • Round Shield Swordsmen (Suebi)
  • Scythian Noblewomen (Royal Scythia)
  • Spear Wall (Suebi)

According to the official forums, the Suebi update was requested by the community to attempt to make the faction more powerful and popular. The new units are an even spread of skirmishers, spearmen and cavalry so it's improvements across the board.

The Daughters of Mars DLC is on Steam now for £1.99. It adds seven units, all women, to a variety of factions. Most of them are available as mercenaries too. Here's their trailer-based introduction:

Badass. To show off the new units and improved Suebi faction, Creative Assembly are taking to their Twitch channel for three hours at 3pm (that's in an hour).

Based on what I read while browsing the forums, it sounds like Rome II has managed to get itself back on track after a shaky start. Who out there is still playing it? Have CA managed to patch the more annoying bugs? What are you hoping to see from them next?

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