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Total War Saga: Troy gets trademarked by The Creative Assembly

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The act of reading tea leaves is an art, but there are many ways to peer out into the mists of time. Like the Oracle of Delphi, my preferred method of making psychic predictions involves inhaling the fumes from my KFC bucket until I astral project into the future. But there's still another option: the UK Intellectual Property Office website. And [pivots to camera] if a trademark recently filed by The Creative Assembly is any indication, Total War Saga: Troy will be joining the ever-forking family tree of strategy games that make up the Total War franchise.

The trademark for Total War Saga: Troy was first spotted by the valiant and hawk-eyed users of the Total War subreddit. Filed by The Creative Assembly on July 23rd, the trademark is classed under classes nine and 41 which suggests both digital and physical releases. Neither Creative Assembly nor Total War publishers Sega have made any official announcements about Troy yet, mind.

(I think it's also worth noting that RPS commenter "Hedgeclipper" called it three years ago. "They could go earlier in the bronze age," they wrote, in a quiet moment just before 8PM Earth time, in the year 2017, "Total War: Troy?")

The Total War Saga series focuses on significant moments from eras that have previously been covered more broadly in the franchise. The first recent Saga, Thrones Of Britannia, launched in 2018 and is described by RPS contributor Nic Reuben as "occasionally tense" and "vacant of meaningful choice".

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