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A Total War Saga: Troy’s Mythos DLC will let you pet the hellhound

A very good Troy

A Total War Saga: Troy’s upcoming DLC Mythos fills the historical battle sim with fantastical beasts. One of those, Cerberus, is the tri-headed guard dog of Hades. It’s a creature so intimately entwined with death that it draws strength from souls wrenched from their bodies during battle. He can summon shades, filling his army with the walking dead. His roars are known to cause armies to retreat in chaos. But he’s still a good boy, and will roll over and let you pet him.

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If there’s any justice in the world, it’ll also have some sort of effect in the game. There are two other incredible beats to hunt down in Mythos, but there’s no yet on whether or not you can boop the Hydra’s snoot, and no information on if you can stroke the Griffin’s beak.

The rest of the trailer is just as wacky and I love it. The gods towering overhead aren’t just a fancy filter that comes with the game’s photo mode. Embrace them and they’ll offer up helpful boons during battle, like Artemis boosting the speed of those under her gaze. You can even suffer from a wrathful god. If you don’t keep your tributes flowing, you might end up with corrupted crops. Gods are such children.

The Creative Assembly seems to be fully embracing the theme in this expansion. Lightning bolts zapping combatants, floods taking out the enemy lines. It looks very silly in all the right ways.

You can pet the dog when Mythos is released on 2 September on Steam and the Epic Game Store.

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