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A Total War Saga: Troy will finally let you tame mythic beasts when it comes to Steam

The Mythos expansion adds the Hydra, Griffin and Cerberus to the game

When A Total War Saga: Troy finally arrives on Steam in September, it’ll bring with it a new expansion to the strategy series. The Mythos DLC will add a new campaign to the game, themed around mythical beasts. You’ll hunt down Cerberus and more, commanding actual cyclops and harpies in battle. All while the gods watch on from above..

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The official FAQ says: “The Lernean Hydra, the Griffin Patriarch, and the mighty Cerberus await heroes and leaders brave – or foolhardy – enough to seek their assistance. With enough guile, wit, and battle skill, you can bring them into your service, and with them will come their legions of followers, special abilities, and new gameplay opportunities.”

You don’t just get given this stuff. Each beast needs to be hunted, tracked, and eventually won over to your side to become part of your armory. Then you can unleash it on your foes. Though, with enough time passing, you’ll eventually be up against enemies with their own Hydra, Griffin, or Doom Pupper.

So, no Brad Pitt scowling amidst the men in this one, though you can dial down the whole ‘gods floating over the battlefield’ schtick (which does happen, btw). There's going to be a ‘historical mode’, too, should you want to experience all this without the wackiness. Creative Assembly said:

“The new Historical mode offers refreshing gameplay that overhauls Troy’s features so that players can experience the Aegean conflict from a realistic, history-first perspective. Such changes include wars being fought between generals and their bodyguards instead of one-man armies wielding the powers of gods.”

A Total War Saga: Troy - Mythos is out September 2nd on Steam and Epic Game Store.

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