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Total War Saga: Troy's Amazons DLC is out now, and available free

Play as two Amazon queens to make your mark on the Trojan War

Total War Saga: Troy launched its first DLC today, Amazons. It introduces badass warrior queens Penthesilea and her sister Hippolyta to the Trojan War, along with their all-female armies, new focuses, faction mechanics and more. Better yet, you can nab it for free for the next two weeks.

Now, each of these Amazon leaders have slightly different goals - Hippolyta is out to take back sacred regions and gather Amazonian treasure, while Penthesilea will be exploring the world with a Horde army to capture new settlements.

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"Penthesilea relies on fearsome two-handed axe infantry while whittling her enemies down with devastating skirmishers and finishing them off with strong cavalry charges," Creative Assembly say.

"Hippolyta, on the other hand, braces for the defence of her land with the renowned Amazon archers, bolstered by the inspiring presence of heavier sword infantry, which also enables her horse archers to circle her foes and attack them at their weakest."

As well as these two new factions, the Amazons DLC comes with new Epic Mission chains, a Horde mechanic called War Spoils, lots of new units and all-female armies, new heroes, buildings, and a bunch more good stuff. You can find out more in the FAQ.

The Amazons DLC is available on the Epic Games Store right now, priced at £8/€10/$10. To get it free, you need to sign up for Total War Access and link that to your Epic account, then it'll give you a code to wham into Epic. You have until October 8th to claim a code, then must use that before November 5th or it'll expire.

The base Total War Saga: Troy game was free on Epic for one day when it launched launch, and 7.5 million people claimed it. See our Nate's Total War Saga: Troy review for opinions on the game.

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