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A whole 7.5 million people claimed A Total War Saga: Troy for free yesterday

Now they're all headed to war

I don't know how many folks are said to have fought in the Trojan War but I wager it's fewer than those about to participate in its digital recreation. Ancient strategy romp A Total War Saga: Troy launched yesterday and folks were able to grab it for free for the first 24 hours. Either there are a lot of historical strategy buffs in the house or folks just really really like free stuff because Sega say that 7.5 million people snagged a copy yesterday.

"We were optimistic but we couldn’t have predicted this level of excitement,” says chief production officer Rob Bartholomew. "Now we get to welcome so many strategy players—new and old—to experience this incredible Saga."

There's excitement to be had for Troy in RPS-land, though tempered. Nate's A Total War Saga: Troy review calls it an "astonishing two-for-one of a cracking RTS game stacked on top of a sweeping military 4X game, and its first class, ochre-heavy art direction." For all that praise though, he says that Troy is just another Total War game, albeit quite a good one. "It still has the feeling of the same old soldier, wearing a different helmet."

Nate also says that if you're new to Total Warring you could do much worse than starting with Troy. If you happened to pick it up yesterday, there's your excuse to actually download it to your drive. If not, you can still give it a go, though you've got to properly pay for it now.

Troy is currently an exclusive to the Epic Games Store but will be coming to Steam in August 2021. Creative Assembly have previously explained that Epic approached them with the deal and are paying for the giveaway. They also say it was a one-time deal for Troy and they don't have plans to make exclusivity deals for future games.

You can find A Total War Saga: Troy over on the Epic Games Store for £35/€50/$50.

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