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Total War Saga: Troy's Amazons DLC is out next week, and free at first

It's free for the first fortnight

Amazons arrive in A Total War Saga: Troy next week with its first DLC, which will be given away free for keepsies for the first fortnight. Penthesilea and Hippolyta will join the fight against the Achaeans, bringing all-female armies and new focuses. Penthesilea wants to run around with a giant army, while Hippolyta is out to shore up influence by controlling sacred regions and treasures. Meet 'em in the new trailer below.

"As Hippolyta, players can capture sacred regions to gather Amazon Treasures and unlock Amazon Kingdom milestones to rank up your units, improve diplomatic deals and instantly complete Royal Decrees," Creative Assembly explain. "As Penthesilea, with a horde army at your side, roam the world and capture new settlements. Each settlement grants you unique War Spoils, which you can use to boost your campaign." They're coming with all-female armies with new units, including plenty of cavalry. See the Amazons FAQ for more info.

Troy's Amazons DLC will launch next Thursday, the 24th of September on the Epic Games Store. If you grab it between then and October 8th, it'll free to keep. If you want to get it after that, it'll be £8/€10/$10.

Epic gave away Troy free for its first 24 hours, an offer 7.5 million users went for. Creative Assembly regularly have 'freeLC' for Total War games but Amazons seems a full-size DLC pack rather than those smaller additions, which are usually more along the lines of a new character for a faction.

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