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Murdered By Robots On The Moon: Routine

Next year's Alien: Isolation?

The streets are littered with bones and pumpkins round these parts. It's the day after Halloween and anyone who isn't waking up with an ectoplasm hangover didn't go to the right party last night. Now that the bats have been placed back in the belfry and the skeletons have been returned to their closets, you might think all things spooky are done until next October but you'd be wrong. Routine [official site] is a beautiful sci-fi horror game set in a retro-future moonbase full of horrors.

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Although it looks like it might have been inspired by Alien: Isolation, with that gorgeous 1970s style, Routine has actually been in development for so long that Isolation was still gestating in Creative Assembly's chest cavity when we first interviewed the UK-based developers about their plans. You can tell how long ago that was because RPS founding father and killer robot fan Jim conducted the interview, and we only mention him when discussing our local creation myths these days.

But what is Routine, you might be wondering, other than a horror game set on the moon? Way back when we described it as being a bit like Amnesia in space, not knowing that SOMA would come along and (sort of) fill that particular role itself. But we're still in the dark when it comes to what Routine might actually be, and that's probably for the best, with fear of the unknown being quite effective and all that.

Here's some alpha footage from 2013 if you want to know a little more:

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The new trailer comes with the exciting news that Routine will finally be in our hands in March 2017. What a delightfully horrible year it's shaping up to be already, with Resident Evil 7 due in January and Little Nightmares waiting in the shadows for a spring release as well.

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