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RPS Asks: Aren't Games Great?!

Sometimes RPS gets accused of being too grumpy. We like to think of it as standing up for gamers' rights, and campaigning against what we see as wrong or unfair in our fair industry. Potatoes, portaloos. But the reality is we're actually very cheerful and enthusiastic. It's why it matters to us so much when that happiness gets pooped on by evil corporations like Big Poop. But right now, right this moment, it's time for unbridled positivity. We want to know: what about gaming have you thought is just great recently?

For me, most recently, it's been the simple pleasure of becoming completely involved in a text adventure, and all the accompanying reminders about just how potent and powerful gaming can be with the simplest interface, and that magical ingredient of interaction. I've also been playing Scrabble on my phone, and Avadon on my Android tablet, and just revelling in the way gaming can follow me around, and so engrossingly absorb spare moments.

Also today, I got an email from someone who'd just played To The Moon for the first time, after I linked my review from the post about Richard & Alice. I've never received so many emails about a game, and certainly not so many from people writing just to thank me for having brought it to their attention - that's not normal in this job. So as I did with all the previous emails, I replied asking if it mad him cry. He replied saying it had, five times - more even than me! - explaining just how amazed he was that he could care so much about a fictional character. What a fantastic thing to hear, and what a fantastic game to hear it about. And talking of Richard & Alice, I'm telling you now to start getting enthused for that one.

But what about you? Did a game recently surprise you in a superb way? Have you been taken aback by a moment you weren't expecting, that raised your expectations? Did you go back to a game you'd almost forgotten, and discover it's still just as great?

Your uninhibited positivity below please. (Anyone who comes in being a grumps will get appropriately edited!)

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