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RPS Asks: What Did You Play During EGGFEST '14?

Ancient, rusty engines spin into life. Bleary eyes gaze at inboxes and RSS feeds. The gooey mingled remnants of chocolate and beer are wiped from encrusted chins. EGGFEST '14 has concluded,and the News Cannon must be carefully reloaded before it can unleash a new volley into the skies.

While we prepare it, perhaps you'd like to tell us what games you played over the long weekend? Old favourites, new gems, bunny-themed in-game events, obscure mods, what? TELL US. And tell your fellow readers too: spread the word on The Things That Must be Played.

As for RPS, here's how we spent our own Eggfests.

Adam: "Had a quick go on The Last Federation (predictably odd, possibly very good indeed), lots of Out Of the Park Baseball 15 and, oddly, some Sims 3. Realised I had a saved neighbourhood from ages ago and decided to load it up. Spent a few hours accidentally recreating the life of Gob Bluth."

Alec: "The Wiping An Endless Stream Of Snot From An Ill Baby's Nose game. And also the tiniest bit of Age of Wonders III."

Alice: "I played a little Titanfall, and a few hours of Deadly Premonition on a cat. The only controllers I could find in our flat are ones I made into cats for Musclecat Showdown."

Graham: "I played Football Manager 2014 exclusively, despite plans to play so many other things. I resigned as manager of Manchester United after my fifth successive title win and now manage the Spain national team. Please save me from myself."

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