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RPS Asks: What Do You Play When Ill?


It seems that everyone in the world has a cold or flu at the moment. Not me! I'm on a week-long break between colds and flu just now, so am fit enough to ask you, what do you play when sickly? What's your gaming Lemsip? And what, Horace forbid, do you do when you're too ill to sit at your PC? Do you have sofa access to the big black box? HOW DO YOU COPE?

There's probably a level of being ill that's Just Right. Somewhere between too ill to go to work, but not ill enough to be stranded in bed with thermometers coming out of every hole. You feel like crap, but crap that can sit in a chair surrounded by balled up tissues, and sniffle over a mouse and keyboard. Right there, in that moment, which game is it you want to play? What's the title that's going to ease your headache and distract from your achy tum?

Or what about when you are too weakly for the chair? When you're all blankets and sofas and you've watched as much daytime TV about local councils and quiz shows based on lawn bowls as you can cope with? Do you ever turn to games? Do you, perchance, have a Steam Link or similar that you've actually used in anger? (Quite literally based on my experience of Link, which requires at least two people in different rooms shouting, "HOW ABOUT NOW?" at each other while screens display black nothingness.) Have you ever demanded a loved one set up your entire PC in the lounge lest you wither away entirely? Or is it time for mobile games/console boxes?

Tell us your sickly gaming tales, your favourite eye-ache soothers, your most ridiculous efforts to keep on clicking. But please wipe your nose, that's disgusting.

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