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RPS Compo: Win WAR Collector's Edition

Here's a rather fabulous thing. GOA have given us three Collector's Editions of Warhammer Online to give away, and they're a bit special. In the enormous box you get, along with a copy of the game (and 30 days' subscription), a 128 page graphic novel (in remarkably expensive-looking hardback), The Art Of Warhammer Online (in an even more expensive-looking and equally hardback book), a Grumlock & Gazbag tabletop miniature, and of course a mousemat.

As well as all that you get the following in-game items: The Librams of Insight (temporarily increases your rate of experience gain), 12 additional quests, and exclusive character customisation options. And it all comes in a remarkably sturdy and impressive looking box that you could use to kill a wolf. Want one? Read on.

To get your hands on one of these is remarkably simple. You just have to tell us what free gifts you'd include in the boxed special edition of Rock, Paper, Shotgun. No more than five of them. The more inspired and hilarious you are, the better chance you have of winning. Explanations for inclusion is a smart move, but keep them reasonably short. We're old and tired.

Usual rules apply. Entries need to be in before the end of Friday 3rd October. All entries sent to this address, keeping the subject line (or they will not get judged). Include your real life name and address, just in case you should win. Three winners will be chosen based entirely on my whim, and they'll receive a whopping great big parcel courtesy of GOA and Warhammer Online. Big thanks to Peter at Indigo Pearl for setting this up.

Edit: UK only - sorry I forgot to say. And sorry to our colonial readers - promise we'll have more international compos soon.

Actually, this is open to all of Europe. Apologies to the rest of the world - you just weren't pretty enough.

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